About us

Christian Fréchette

The journey forges the experience.

Christian Fréchette is a real lover of the restaurant business. His solid French and Italian cuisine background don’t stop him to explore different styles and flavors of the world. His strength? To transmit his knowledge and the profound desire to see those around him evolve. or him, cooking is balance, exchange and sharing!

At ten years old, Christian cooked spaghetti dinner for his family and the neighborhood. Never at that time would have he dreamed of the doing the same thing 35 years later. His passion for cooking has been part of his whole life. While working with his mentors, Patrick Laignel de la Falaise Saint-Michel and Roland Ménard of the Hovey Manor confirmed Christian’s desire to make a career out of his passion. What he loves most, is to receive people and make sure they have a good time.

A warm and sophisticated atmosphere since 47 years!

Located in downtown Sherbrooke for over 47 years, Da Toni gained acclaim over the years thanks to the combined effort of its owners and staff who run this hot spot restaurant.

Mr. Toni Danella opened Da Toni on Wellington st north in a building that already gathered attention by it’s originality. In 1987, Da Toni moved to it’s present location on the corner of King St W. and Belvédère N.

History will remind us that a young scottish businessman, Andrew Paton (1833-1892), founded in 1866 a wool factory here in Sherbrooke. In 1891, the Paton employed over 750 workers and was one of the most important factory of it’s kind in Canada.

Left vacant since 1978, it’s in the building that was known before as the Paton factory store that Da Toni is now located.

In June 2007 , Daniel Schoolcraft and Hélène Deppisch join Christian Fréchette, chef and co-owner to form the new team still in place.